I am a classic example of a Thai woman with a dark side. First encounters may deceive…but you will know my name well by the end of the meeting. My sessions are original and I like nothing better than making a slave suffer. My sensuousness is easily matched by my wickedness. For example I will stop ordering my slave in English, and start yelling in Thai! The helpless slave can now not understand and will surely be punished for not obeying!


I do not engage in anything that is illegal or non-consensual. I expect my slaves to understand that a dominatrix does not cater to demands. I will listen to your requests and interests beforehand but I have complete control during a session. I will allow submissives the freedom to experience their submission, kinks, and fetishes. I always play with the acute awareness of your limitations; you will feel safe in your submission to me. You may call or write to arrange your intense escape with a true Asian Mistress. Send an introductory e-mail including your level of experience, the type of session you are interested in, your name, and when you may be booking.





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